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Oliver Nickerson Snead
and Rachel Kestner

Oliver Nickerson Snead b 1794 Halifax Co VA; s/o Benjamin Snead and Felicia Oliver. Oliver Nickerson Snead m. Rachel Kestner b 1800 Washington Co VA. Children of Oliver Nickerson Snead and Rachel Kestner;

1. Keziah Snead; m. John T Barnett

2. Felicia Snead

3. Elizabeth Snead b abt 1819 Russell Co VA d 1902; buried Garrett Cemetery, Lebanon, Russell Co VA

4. Jacob Merchant Snead b 1825 Russell Co VA; m. abt 1848 to Eliza Jane Pauline Hurt b 1828 TN. Children of Jacob Merchant Snead and Eliza Jane Hurt;

i. Ellen June P Snead b abt 1849; m. 20 Aug 1875 Russell Co VA to William Garrett b abt 1853 Russell Co VA

ii. John Emory Snead b 20 Apr 1851 Russell Co VA d 8 Jun 1918 Washington Co VA; m. Armilda Jane Addison b 27 Nov 1859 d 4 Jun 1918

iii. Adalade C A Snead b 1853 Russell Co VA; m. David Campbell Price. Children of David Campbell Price and Adalade C A Snead; I. Lula Bell Snead b 1877 II. Napoleon Bonaparte Snead b 1879 Russell Co VA III. James Snead b 1881

iv. Elizabeth Karen Snead b 20 Jul 1857 Russell Co VA d 15 Apr 1898 Abingdon, Washington Co VA; buried Sinking Springs Cemetery, Abingdon, Washington Co VA; m. 24 Oct 1878 Russell Co VA to Charles Cummings Dye b 14 Dec 1858 Russell Co VA d 2 Jul 1916 SW State Hospital, Marion , Smyth Co VA; s/o Richardson Edmond Dye and Eliza A Chapman. Children of Charles Cummings Dye and Elizabeth Karen Snead; I. Charles B Dye b 1879 Russell Co VA II. Millard F Dye b 1881 Russell Co VA III. Minnie A Dye b 2 Dec 1884 Russell Co VA IV. Ruth Dye b 1885 Russell Co VA V. Alice Dye b 1888 Russell Co VA VI. Gilbert Harrison Dye b 4 May 1891 Russell Co VA VII. Corbett Dye b 18 Jul 1893 Russell Co VA. Charles Cummings Dye m. Oct 1898 Johnson City TN to Sallie C Milhorn b 1859 Vance TN d 12 Oct 1915 Washington Co VA; d/o Henry Milhorn and Nancy Ann Crow.

v. Oliver Nicholas Snead b 1860 Russell Co VA; m. Mary Jane Hite b 1868 VA. Children of Oliver Nicholas Snead and Mary Jane Hite; I. Flora E Snead b 1884 VA II. Luther H Snead b 1889 Russell Co VA III. Stella Snead b 1892 VA IV. Gertrude Snead b 1894 VA V. Clarence Snead b 1897 VA VI. Lula Snead b 1900 VA

vi. Napoleon Bonaparte Snead b 1862 Russell Co VA d 5 Apr 1920 Washington Co VA; m. Ella J Unknown b 1872 VA. Child of Napoleon Bonaparte Snead and Ella J Unknown; I. Eveline Snead b abt 1905 Washington Co VA

vii. Fullen Basil Snead b 1865 Russell Co VA; m. abt 1891 to Frances E Hawthorne b 1866 VA. Children of Fullen Basil Snead and Frances E Hawthorne; I. Windam Snead b 1897 Washington Co VA II. Martin S Snead b 1899 Washington Co VA III. Franklin Snead b 1909 Washington Co VA

viii. Jacob Merchant Snead b 1867 Russell Co VA; m. Florence W Scott b 1872 VA. Children of Jacob Merchant Snead and Florence W Scott; I. Elbert L Snead b abt 1901 Washington Co VA II. Charles W Snead b abt 1903 Washington Co VA III. Paul Snead b abt 1906 Washington Co VA IV. Jacob M Snead b abt 1908 Washington Co VA V. Forest B Snead b 1910 Washington Co VA

ix. Bishop H Snead b abt 1872 Russell Co VA; m. Nina Unknown b abt 1870 VA. Child of Bishop H Snead and Nina Unknown; I. McKniley Snead b abt 1900 Washington Co VA

5. Martha Jane Snead b abt 1827 Russell Co VA; m. Richard Walden b abt 1815 Washington Co VA; s/o Lewis Walden and Mildred Hunt. Children of Richard Walden and Martha Jane Snead; i. Manerva Snead b 1845 Russell Co VA ii. Almire Snead b 1847 Russell Co VA iii. Male Snead b 1850 Russell Co VA

Richard Walden m. abt 1835 to Anna Hockett b abt 1817 Washington Co VA; d/o John Hockett and Catherine McNew. Children of Richard Walden and Anna Hockett; i. John Walden b abt 1836 Washington Co VA ii. Hannah Walden b abt 1838 Washington Co VA iii. Lewis J Walden b 1842 Washington Co VA iv. Rosannah Walden b abt 1843 Washington Co VA

Martha Jane Snead m. Vincent Browning

6. Phillip Snead b abt 1829 Russell Co VA; m. Mary Jane Hanson b abt 1827 Russell Co VA; d/o David Hanson and Sarah W Hendricks.

7. Rosannah Rosie A M Snead b 1832 Russell Co VA; m. Randolph Fields b 1828 KY; s/o William B Fields and Elizabeth Ann Buckley. Children of Randolph Fields and Rosannah Rosie A M Snead; i. Charles Blair Fields b abt 1854 Russell Co VA ii. Robert Fields b 7 Feb 1855 Russell Co VA iii. Rachel A Fields b abt 1858 Russell Co VA iv. Andrew C Fields b 4 May 1860 Russell Co VA v. Mary E Fields b abt 1863 Russell Co VA vi. Judy Fields b abt 1866 Russell Co VA vii. Inda Fields b abt 1867 Russell Co VA viii. Malinda Fields b abt 1868 Russell Co VA ix. Emeline Fields b 1869 Russell Co VA x. John R Fields b abt 1871 Russell Co VA xi. Ellen M Fields b abt 1872 Russell Co VA xii. William Con Marshall Fields b 1874 Russell Co VA

8. Mary J Snead b abt 1834 Russell Co VA; m. abt 1852 to Joseph Fields b abt 1826 KY; s/o William B Fields and Elizabeth Ann Buckley. Children of Joseph Fields and Mary J Snead; i. Eliza Jane Fields b 1853 Russell Co VA ii. Randolph Fields b 1855 Russell Co VA iii. Roena Fields b 6 Feb 1856 Russell Co VA iv. Martha A Fields b abt 1859 Russell Co VA v. Leah Fields b 22 Oct 1860 Russell Co VA vi. Female Fields b 1 Aug 1861 Russell Co VA vii. Joseph Fields b abt 1863 Russell Co VA viii. Mary Fields b 10 May 1865 Russell Co VA ix. Elbert Fields b abt 1869 Russell Co VA

Mary J Snead m. 24 Apr 1866 Russell Co VA to David B Vanxil b 1828 IL; s/o James Vansil.

9. Paul Snead b abt 1837 Russell Co VA

10. Napoleon Bonapart Snead b abt 1839 Russell Co VA; m. 24 Dec 1857 Russell Co VA to Margaret G Frick b 1842 Russell Co VA; d/o Christopher Frick and Leah C Unknown.

11. Karen H Snead b abt 1841 Russell Co VA

12. Isaiah Drake Snead b abt 1843 Russell Co VA

13. Malissa Snead b abt 1845 Russell Co VA

1850 Russell Co VA Census
23 20 20 Snead Philip 21 M Farmer Russell Co. VA
24 20 20 Snead Mary Jane 23 F Russell Co. VA

1850 Russell Co VA Census
41 919 919 Snead Olive 56 M Farmer Halifax Co. VA
42 919 919 Snead Rachel 50 F Washington Co. VA
1 919 919 Snead Elisabeth 31 F Russell Co. VA
2 919 919 Snead Mary 16 F Russell Co. VA
3 919 919 Snead Paul 13 M Russell Co. VA
4 919 919 Snead Napoleon B. 11 M Russell Co. VA
5 919 919 Snead Karon H. 9 F Russell Co. VA
6 919 919 Snead Isaiah 7 M Russell Co. VA
7 919 919 Snead Malissa 5 F Russell Co. VA
8 919 919 Snead Louisa 10 F Russell Co. VA
9 919 919 Snead Martha 5 F Russell Co. VA
10 919 919 Snead William T. 2 M Russell Co. VA

1850 Russell Co VA Census
6 1320 1320 Snead Jacob M. 25 M Farmer Russell Co. VA
7 1320 1320 Snead Eliza J. 20 F Tennessee
8 1320 1320 Snead Ellen J. P. 1 F Russell Co. VA

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