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Descendants of William Greasy Bill Sparkman


1. William Greasy Bill Sparkman

William "Greasy Bill" Sparkman arrived in Kentucky about 1816. Some say he wasborn in North Carolina and others say Virginia. However, an 1850 Ky. census shows he gave his birthplace as NC. No one knows for sure and as yet, we do not know who his parents were. His original home site in Kentucky was at the mouth ofCoyles Branch, Line Fork, Kentucky. Greasey Creek (at the highway says) is where "Greasy Bill" killed a bear and settled in 1816. 1850 Floyd Co., Ky. censusrecord lists William Sparkman, age 60, farmer, born N.C.

Then 1840 Perry Co.,Ky. census shows William Sparkman with the following household. Just numberswere used.
Free White Males: Age 0 to 5: 2 (Richard and ?)
Age 5 to 10: 3 (Samuel S.,William and ?)
Age 10 to 15: 2 (Thomas and Ira Goff)
Age 15 to 20: 2 (John Jesse and ?)
Age 20 to 30: 1 (Uriah)

Based on this census, there appears to be three male children who vanished as they are not known in any information found to date. Based on dates of birth, Ican readily determine which children fall into the above categories, however, all known male children of William "Greasey Bill" are accounted for above.
Age 40 to 50: 1 (Greasey Bill himself)

Free White Females:Age 0 to 5: 1 (Mary Polly)
Age 10 to15: 2 (Nancy and Melvina)
Age 40 to 50: 1 (JerushaYearly-second wife)

7. Nancy Sparkman

It is not known how long Nancy lived or whether she married or had children.

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