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Descendants of William Greasy Bill Sparkman


2. Thomas Sparkman Sr.

Thomas Sparkman Sr. was in the Kentucky Regiment of the Confederate Army 13th Kentucky Cav.,Co.B--enlisted 09/09/1862. He died as the result of war injuries he received in 1862.

Nancy F. Owens

1870 Perry Co.,Ky census shows her as age 35 which would make her born about 1835 which is in line. It shows a child, Catherine, age 3 that we did not know about, therefore, it is assume she died at an early age. It lists our grandfather, Sampson as age 7 which is correct. Drucilla, Logan and Thomas are also in the HH but does not show Richard.

1880 Perry Co.,Ky census shows Nancy with Drucilla, Thomas, Sampson in the HH and two children by her 2nd husband, Lewis Gayheart. There children are shown as Elhanon, son age 6 and Rochenbors, son age 3. Catherine is not in the HH, assumed she died between 1870 and 1880.

15. Drucilla Sparkman

Drucilla married Jefferson Moore on 12/8/1886 in Knott Co.,Ky.

18. Catharine Sparkman

Catherine is listed in the 1870 Perry Co.,Ky census as age 3. Her name has never come up in the family,therefore, I assume she must have died at a very youngage. Did not know about this child until this census was found.

3. Ira Goff Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky.census shows: Sparkman, (illegible) M 76, Head, 3/1824 married 45 years Ky NC Ky. Salley 63, wife 7/1836 14/10 Ky VA Ky. Wesley 34, son 5/1866 married 8 years KyKyKy. Polley Ann 33, daughter-in-law 12/1866 7/6 KyKyKy. Sampey 22, son 11/1877 Ky. Catherine 8, granddaughter 7/1891 Ky. Esquire 6 son 1/1893 Ky. Sarah 3, daughter 1/1897 Ky. Ibbey 1, daughter 2/1899 Ky. I believethe last 3 children listed are grandchildren and not his children. This censusrecord belongs to Ira Goff Sparkman because all the information and names match. If I interpret the numbers correctly, Sarah (Salley and Sarah were interchangable names) had 14 children total of which 10 were living as of this census.Indeed 14 children are listed on the family tree.

Inis Unknown

1900 Knott Co.,Ky census shows John Sparkman, head, 12/1862 marr 3 yrs., KyKyKyand Inis, wife, 5/1879 0/0 Ky Ky Ky. Other HH member - Marry Thomas, niece, 17, 6/1882 Ky Ky Ky

26. Polly Sparkman

Knott Co.,Ky. marriage records show Polly married James Jacobs on 07/26/1889.

29. Sampson Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census shows Sampson as "Sampey" age 22, born 11/1877, living in his parents household. See census information in remarks under his father

4. Uriah Sparkman

1880 Letcher Co.,Ky. census shows Uriah, age 61, which would make him born about 1819. It shows, wife, Hanah, age 56 and children, Jane, age 31 and Ira, age28.

Hannah Susan Holcomb

1880 Letcher Co.,Ky. census shows her as age 56.

33. Jane Sparkman

1880 Letcher Co.,Ky. census shows Jane, age 31, living in her parents household

WilliamSal Bill W. Amburgey

The 1850 Letcher Co.,Ky.census shows him as a farmer with 100 acres.

41. John S. Amburgey

John married Jane"Jenny" Amburgey on 01/27/1870 in Letcher Co.,Ky. Jane was born 08/18/1851 in Letcher Co.,Ky. and died in 1889 in Ky.

42. Hasay Maisey Amburgey

Letcher Co.,Ky. birth records shows Hasay Ambrurgy born 11/14/1853, father, William Amburgy and mother, Laviny Sparkman.

43. Alfred Amburgey

Alfred married Elizabeth Amburgey on 03/30/1875 in Letcher Co., Ky. Letcher Co.,Ky. birth records shows Alfred Amburgey born 11/-/1855, father as William Amburgey and mother as Lavinia Sparkman.

6. John Jesse Sparkman

John Jesse Sparkman was married three times. He was in the Kentucky Regiment of the Confederate Army enlisting on 11/01/1861, F Co,5th Inf. Reg. Ky. Confederacy and again on 11/01/1862, A Co.13th Ky Cav Reg. Confederacy. On July 07,1863 he was taken prisoner at the Battle of Gladeville at Wise, Virginia. He was marched to Columbus,Ohio and on to prison at Camp Douglas,Illinois, where he remained a prisoner for almost two years.

Phoebe Amburgey

Listed in death records as having died from bulbous fever.

48. William Sparkman

Letcher Co.,Ky. birth records shows William Sparkman born 4/20/1854, father, John Sparkman and mother, Pheby Amburgey.

Mahalia Amburgey

Mahalia was the daughter of Humphrey Amburgey and Fanny Johnson.

52. Hiram Sparkman

Rowan Co.,Ky. death records show Hiram Sparkman died 11/1893 at the age of 22.Born in Rowan Co. Lived in Rowan and Montgomery counties. Parents are John and Mahala Sparkman.

59. Ira Sparkman

Rowan Co.,Ky. marriage records show Ira married Cordeita Christian on 7/12/1888and Ardelia Christian on 7/13/1889.

8. William James Sparkman

William James Sparkman is buried in Dawson Cemetary, Ky. No momument.

Martha Stewart

Buried in Dawson Cemetary, Ky. Her place of birth is shown on her son, Moses',marriage record.

64. James Sparkman

Rowan Co.,Ky. marriages show James Sparkman married Susanna Stamper on 12/24/1886. I do not find another James Sparkman that fits this time period and place.

9. Samuel Sampson Sparkman

Samuel Sampson Sparkman was the one who moved to Missouri and began the Sparkman line of Missouri. He moved from Ky. to Mo. in 1866.

He served in the Kentucky Regiment of the Confederate Army and enlisted twice on the same day (ll/01/1861) in F Co.5th Inf. and A Co.13th KY Cav.

1850 Floyd Co.,Ky. census record lists Samuel as age 15 when the census was taken which would place his year of birth as 1834. Census was normally taken in April, therefore, he would have turned 15 in October of 1849.

Isabella Musick

Isabella was the daughter of Elijah Musick and Nancy Combs.

71. Levina Melvina Sparkman

Melvina married William Anderson and they had no children of their own. They raised Zelma and Ford Sparkman after the death of their father.
They lived in Jacksonville, Missouri. Letcher Co.,Ky. birth records shows Levina Sparkman born5/5/1854, father as Sampson Sparkman (this would be Samuel Sampson Sparkman) and mother as Evey Musick.

72. Matilda Jane Sparkman

Jane married James King and they lived in Ecello,Missouri. Letcher Co.,Ky. birth records shows Matilda Sparkman born 12/24/1855. Parents are not shown, however, there were two of the Sparkman brothers living in Letcher Co. at that time--Samuel Sampson Sparkman and John Jesse Sparkman. Matilda is probably "Jane".

74. Victoria Sparkman

Victoria married a man named Joseph Edward Cooley on 07/21/1901. Joseph was born 07/07/1851 and died 05/16/1929.

Joseph Edward Cooley

Cause of death: Edema og lungs and cerebral hemorrhage.

76. Samuel Sparkman

Samuel Sparkman and Mollie Malone had no children. Samuel lived in Moberly, Mo.He was a hunter and fisherman. Occupation: Chief of Police, Moberly, Mo.

Mollie Malone

No children.

77. Drucilla Sparkman

Drucilla was never married based on information known.

79. James Sparkman

James married Mary Ison on 02/24/1895 in Letcher Co.,Ky.

80. Theodore Sparkman

Was convicted of manslaughter and served time in state prison, Jefferson City,Mo. Possibly lived in Kansas after release from prison. Lived in Macon and Marceline, Mo.

82. Elizabeth Sparkman

Letcher Co.,Ky. birth records show Elizabeth Sparkman born 5/31/1853, father asSampson Sparkman (this would be Samuel Sampson Sparkman) and mother as Ele Musaac.

10. Richard Sparkman

Richard Sparkman was in the Kentucky Regiment of the Confederate Army --enlistment 09/09/1862 Co.B,13th KY Cav. Reg. Richard was captured and imprisoned at Rock Island, Ill. in 1864. He died in the prison in 1865 of war injuries and other ailments of imprisonment. He is buried on the prison grounds.

Sarah Owens

Sarah Owens was the daughter of Reace Owens and Mary Hicks. 1900 census lists her as Sarah Hall in the household of her son Uriah Sparkman and his wife, Elizabeth. The census shows her date of birth as 3/1838 and born in Ky.

87. Elijah Sparkman

1870 Perry Co.,Ky census lists him in HH of Nimrod Stergeon (Hall) and Sarah Owens.

12. Elizabeth Sparkman

Elizabeth married Robert Thacker on 09/06/1859 in Letcher Co.,Ky.

Robert Thackeralias Dials/Diles

Census records show Robert and Elizabeth using the Thacker name and the Dials name. Their chidren bear the Dials name.

88. Sampson G. Dials

It is unknown why Elizabeth was using the name Dials when she was married to Robert Thacker. See 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 Floyd Co., Ky. census records.

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