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Descendants of William Greasy Bill Sparkman


13. Sampson Sparkman

Buried in Duncan Cemetary, Hueysville, Ky. Found his date of birth and date ofdeath recorded in the family Bible of Lora Jane Allen Sparkman.
1900 Ky. census shows Sampson as Samuel Sparkman and shows he and Nancy as being married for15 years.

Nancy McDaniel had a child before she married Sampson Sparkman.The child's name was Polly Perry. Her father was a Perry but first name is notknown. Sampson raised Polly as one of his own children.

Nancy Jane McDaniel

Buried in the Duncan Cemetary, Hueysville, Ky. Found her date of birth recordedin the family Bible of Lora Jane Allen Sparkman. 1860 Breathitt Co.,Ky. censuslists Nancy, age 9, in the household of Wiley and Elizabeth McDaniel. The 1880 census lists Nancy, age 20, in the household of her parents.

The 1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census lists Samuel? Sparkman 33, Head, married 15 years. Wife, Nancey, age 31, wife, born 8/1868 (which is incorrect--she was born in 8/1860). Itappears both Sampson (Samuel) and Nancy took a few years off their ages in thiscensus. Children listed are Henderson at age 13, Roach B. at age 10, Alley F.at age 9, Hattie at age 7, William Mc. at age 4, and Rachel at age 2. All of these children are listed as sons and daughters. Polly and Florenda had left home by 1900. The child shown as Hattie is apparently Katie as it appears the name was misunderstood and the date of birth of 04/1893 is correct for Katie. Theinteresting child here is William Mc. born 01/1896. The child always known asKinnel was born 01/1896 so it is assumed that William Mc. and Kinnel are one and the same person. It would be difficult to misunderstand Kinnel for Williamso I am not sure what his given name was. The biggest gaps in births is from 1886 to 1890 and from 1898 to 1902. It is not known if children were born in these time periods that may have died.

I have found a marriage record for Sampson and Nancy Sparkman which shows they were married in 1895. It is in my papers and I would have to look it up to get the exact date of marriage. He showsin the 1900 census that they had been married for 15 years which would put thedate of marriage 1885. Nancy was living in her parents household in 1880, at age 20.

It would appear that Nancy and Sampson set up housekeeping sometime before they were married. Two children, Henderson and Florenda were born prior to the actual marriage in 1895. But my mother always told me that many couplesdid exactly that waiting for someone to come around and marry them.

I do notknow the exact date of Nancy McDaniel Sparkman's date of death. Her head stone was never amended to show a date of death.

Nancy had a child in 1879,Polly Perry. She never married Polly's father. Her second child, Florenda Sparkman, was born in Feb.1880 before the 1880 census would have been taken. Neither Polly nor Florenda are shown with Nancy in the 1880 census.

14. Richard Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 52. Shown as Rich Sparkman, married 31 years.

Elizabeth UNKNOWN

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 49. Shown as wife of Rich Sparkman

102. Troy Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 25 in HH of Elizabeth and Rich(Richard) Sparkman.

103. Alifare Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 23 with question mark. HH of Rich and Elizabeth Sparkman.

104. Sarah Ann Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 20.HH of Rich and Elizabeth Sparkman

105. Lubirta Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 17.HH of Rich and Elizabeth Sparkman

106. William Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 15.HH of Rich and Elizabeth Sparkman

107. BradBradley Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 13.HH of Rich and Elizabeth Sparkman

108. DarcusDarkey Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 11. HH of Rich and Elizabeth Sparkman

109. John Wesley Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 8. Shown as John Wess.HH of Rich and Elizabeth Sparkman

16. Logan Sparkman

The 1900 census lists Logan born 3/1854, Mary-wife, born 7/1863 and shows theyhad had 8 children at tht time with 7 surviving. Chlidren listed are Nancey born 11/1881, Sarah born 7/1883, Evaline born 6/1887, Harry Lee born 4/1891, Ranie born 6/1892 and Havannah born 8/1894. The 1910 census lists him with his namereversed--as Sparkman Logan. Therefore, look under Logan and not Sparkman. Logan is buried in the Hicks Cemetary on Ball Creek Rd., Knott Co.,Ky. Tombstone shows birthdate as 1858 but he gives 1854 in 1900 census. Believe date he gavewould most likely be correct.

Mary Ann Hicks

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--wife of Logan Sparkman, age 44. Note: Logan Sparkman's name was inverted and his surname is shown as Logan and first name as Sparkman. 1900 census shows her as born 07/1863 but her tombstone shows born 06/1853and died 09/29/1934. She is buried beside Logan in the Hicks Cemetary, Ball Creek Rd.,Knott Co.,Ky. The birth information on the census would most likely becorrect since she gave it.

110. Hardee Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 20. name inverted and surname shown as Logan rather than Sparkman(his father is Logan Sparkman)

111. Nancy Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky census.

112. Sarah Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky.census.

113. Evaline Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky.census.

114. Harry Lee Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census.

115. Ranie Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census.

Daniel Wicker

Daniel Wicker was first married to Sarah Darcas Stephens on 01/07/1873. Sarah'sfather was George Stephens.

117. Havannah Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census.

17. Thomas Sparkman,Jr.

Death records of Ky. online: Thomas Sparkman, Jr. died 1951, wife Elizabeth ?.Buried in the W.W.Bolen Cemetary, 5 miles north of Hindman on Rt 80, Rock Fork,Knott Co., Ky. The marriage license (handwritten) was issued in Floyd Co.,Ky.and marriage performed in Knott Co.,Ky. Witnessed were James Messer and Wootson Coborn (spelling may be wrong) hard to read. 1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census listsThomas Sparkman, 35, born 8/1864, married 14 years, wife as Elizabeth,age 32.At that time they had had 5 children of which 4 were surviving.

Elizabeth Fugate

She is buried next to her husband in Knott Co.,Ky. Only years of birth and death are shown on tombstone. Her husband was Thomas Sparkman,Jr., son of ThomasSparkman,Sr. and grandson of William "Greasey Bill" Sparkman.

120. Margaret Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census.

121. Feelin Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census.

122. Lula Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census.

123. Myrta Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census.

19. Drucilla Sparkman

Knott Co.,Ky.marriage records shows Drewcilla Sparkman married Jefferson Mooreon 12/08/1886.

20. William Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky. census lists Billie Sparkman, head, 50, married 31 years, born, resides and married in Ky. Wife, Catherine, 30, born in Ky. Children: Christopher,21, son; Lizzie B (this is Isabel) age 18, daughter; Wess,age 16, son; Rutha, age 14, daughter; John, age 10, son; Troy, age 8, son; Eliza? (This is "Alley"), age 6, daughter. All children are shown as born in Ky. William and Catherine were married in May 1878 in Floyd Co.,Ky. per marriage records--Williamwas age 22 and Catherine was age 18 at the time of their marriage.

1900 Knott Co.,Ky.census shows: 146-146 Sparkman,William 39, Head 3/1861 married 21 years, KyKyKy. Catherine 42, wife, unk/1858 10/9 KyKyKy. Sarah 20, daughter 3/1880Ky. Rebecca 18, daughter 8/1881 Ky. Ira 14, son 12/1885 Ky. Christopher 12, son8/1887 Ky. Isabel 8, daughter 10/1891 Ky. Wesley 6, son 3/1894 Ky. Ruthie 4, daughter 9/1895 Ky. Dewey 2, son 10/1897 Ky. (name left blank) 2/12 son 3/1900 Ky.

143. Unknown Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census shows this child as 2/12 (2 months old) son, born 3/1900 in Ky. The name shows (left blank).

23. Uriah Sparkman

Uriah married Sarah Reynolds on 04/18/1886 in Knott Co.,Ky.

25. Wesley Sparkman

Knott Co., Ky. marriage records show Wesley married Nancy Ann Pratt on 07/30/1889. 1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census shows Wesley, age 34 5/1866 and Polley Ann, 33 12/1866 7/6 daughter-n-law living in the household of Wesley's father. See census information in remarks under his father.

146. Pharoe Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census shows him age 22 in the HH of Wesley and PollyAnn Sparkman. Believe he was child of Wesley's first wife.

Hiram Short

Father: Henry C.Short

CalebClabe Short

Father: Wilson Short Mother: Nancy ?

154. Eva "Ibbey" Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky. census--name is Eva--age 11. 1900 Knott Co.,Ky.census showsher name as Ibbey, age 1, born 02/1899.

H. Short

Father: Henry C.Short

27. Jasper Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census shows: Sparkman,Jasper? 26 Head 5/1874 married 5 years KyKyKy. Sarah, 24, wife 3/1876 3/3 KyKyKy. Dellsee, 4, daughter, 12/1895 Ky.Carley, 2,son9/1897 Ky. Cody 7/12 son 10/1899 Ky.


1910 census for Knott Co.,Ky.--age 30 wife of Jasper Sparkman

155. Delza Sparkman

1910 census for Knott Co.,Ky.--age 14. See census information in remarks underher father.

156. Carley Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 12. See census information in remarks under his father.

157. Virgie Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 8--daughter

158. Edward Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky. census--age 6

159. Vada Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 4,daughter

160. Virsie Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--age 2,daughter

161. Arnas Sparkman

1910 Knott Co.,Ky.census--newborn

162. Cody Sparkman

Cody must has passed away between the 1900 census and the 1910 census. He was7 months old when the 1900 census was taken and does not appear in the 1910 census. He would have been 9 to 10 years old in 1910 but the census lists Carlie12 and Virgie 8 with no one in between.

38. Ira Sparkman

1880 Letcher Co.,Ky. census shows Ira, age 28, living in the household of his parents, Uriah and Hanah Sparkman.

49. Elijah Sparkman

Ky.marriage records show Elijah Sparkman married Matilda Hale on 07/04/1887.

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