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Descendants of William Greasy Bill Sparkman


67. Moses Sparkman

1910 Rowen Co.,Ky.census--age 37. His father,William Sparkman, was living in the HH. Marriage recorded in Rowan Co.,Ky.

Bertha Richardson

1910 Rowan Co.,Ky census--age 28.

174. Virgil Sparkman

1910 Rowan Co.,Ky.census. HH of Moses and Bertha Sparkman

175. Ethel Sparkman

1910 Rowan Co.,Ky.census--age 7.

176. Lottie Sparkman

1910 Rowan Co.,Ky.census--age 5

177. Clella Sparkman

1910 Rowan Co.,Ky.census--age 2

70. Elijah Sparkman

Occupation: miner. Killed by a horse during a rainstorm. It is unknown as towhether he was struck by lightening or struck by the horse. Moved to Missoui in 1866 with his parents.

75. Charles Sparkman

Cause of death: mining accident. Charles was killed in a mining cave-in near Huntsville, Mo. A hugh rock was starting to cave in. Men yelled for Charles torun but he ran the wrong way and was crushed by the rock. The miners removed the rock from him but he died a short time later. After his death, the childrenwere farmed out with other relatives. Ruby Lee Sparkman went to live with hergrandparents, Samuel Sampson Sparkman and Isabella, his wife. Ford and Zelma went to live with their aunt Melvina who had no children of her own.

Lou Etta Cooley

Cause of death: Eorthalmic Goitre, contributory Diabetis Melitis by F.L. McCormick, MD. Death certificate shows names as Louise Garrett, Certificate #25220.

78. John Sparkman

Occupation: Miner

81. Sarah Sparkman

Lived in Macon,Mo.

83. Uriah Riar Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census shows Uriah Sparkman, born 4/1857 in Ky. Married 21 years and was married in Ky. Wife, Elizabeth, age 39, born in Ky. The census shows Uriah's mother living in the household also. Her name is Sarah Hall, age 62, born 3/1838 in Ky. and is a widow. Sarah Owens was her maiden name. Afterher first husband, Thomas Sparkman Sr., died, she married a Hall.

The 1900 census shows: Sparkman, Uriah 43, Head 4/1857 married 21 years KyKyKy. Elizabeth, 39, wife 10/1860 10/8 KyKyKy. Alley F. 18, daughter 12/1882 Ky. Troy 15, son11/1884 Ky. Nathan 13, daughter (as recorded) 3/1887 Ky. Sarah 11,daughter 4/1889 Ky. Louberta 8, daughter 8/1891 Ky. William 6, son 10/1893 Ky. Fred 4, son 10/1893 Ky. Darky 1, daughter 8/1898 Ky. Hall, Sarah, mother 3/1838 widow 9/7 KyKyKy. Harlan 25, brother 4/1875 KyKyKy. It appears that Sarah had 9 children in all and as of this census, 7 were living.

Elizabeth Smith

1900 Knott Co., Ky census shows Elizabeth in household of her husband, Uriah Sparkman. She is shown as born 10/1860 in Ky. The census shows that as of 1900, she had had 10 children and 8 were surviving.

189. Alafair Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census lists Alafair, age 18, born 12/1882 in Ky. The censusshows her name as Alley F. Sparkman.

195. Fred Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census lists Fred as age 4, born 2/1896 in the household onhis parents, Uriah and Elizabeth Sparkman.

196. Darkus Sparkman

1900 Knott Co.,Ky. census lists Darky as age 1, born 8/1898 in Ky. Listed in the household of her parents, Uriah and Elizabeth Sparkman.

84. Nancy Sparkman

Burial: Nathan Sturgill Cemetary, Softshell, Knott Co.,Ky.

Andrew Jackson Smith

Burial: Nathan Sturgill Cemetary, Softshell, Knott Co.,Ky.

Treva Caudill

Her name was possibly Cottle.

85. Elizabeth Ann "Betty Ann" Sparkman

Buried in the John Smith Cemetary, Ball, Knott Co.,Ky.

John Smith

Buried in the John Smith Cemetary, Ball, Knott Co.,Ky.

206. Margean Smith

Married a Parks.

209. Cora Smith

Married a Combs.

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