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Joseph Stamper
and Malinda Phipps

Joseph Stamper b abt 1830 Gryson Co VA; s/o Joshua Stamper and Mary Blevins. Joseph Stamper m. 1845 to Malinda Phipps b 1825 NC d abt 1870 Knott Co KY. Children of Joseph Stamper and Malinda Phipps;

1. Nancy Jane Stamper b 13 Aug 1848 NC d 14 Sept 1884; m. 15 Mar 1877 Sturgeon, Owsley Co KY to Elijah Griffee b 28 Dec 1849 Manchester, KY. Children of Elijah Griffee and Nancy Jane Stamper;

i. Sarah Belle Griffee b 1878 Sturgeon, Owsley Co KY d 15 Nvo 1950 Kenton KY; m. Leonard Simpson Ward b 1880 Sturgeon, Owsley Co KY d 15 Feb 1958 Kenton KY. Children of Leonard Simpson Ward and Sarah Belle Griffee; I. Ethel Ward b 1900 II. Gertrude Ward b 1902 Jackson KY III. Ernst Ward b 1904 Jackson KY IV. Idell Ward b 1907 Jackson KY V. Erbie Nelson Ward b 1909 Jackson KY VI. Charles D Ward b 1912 KY VII. Lester R Ward b 1915 VIII. Alda Ward b 1917 IX. Edwin Ward b 1920

ii. William N Griffee b 1879 Sturgeon, Owsley Co KY

iii. Andrew Griffee b 1881 Sturgeon, Owsley Co KY d 18 Oct 1951 Madison KY

iv. Margaret Jane Griffee b 4 Mar 1883 KY; m. 16 Jan 1926 Cincinnati Hamilton Co oH to Leslie Lee Jones b 10 Apr 1897 Lee Co KY

v. Luther Griffee b 1886 KY d 1915 Owsley Co KY

vi. Lon D Griffee b 1887 KY

vii. Minnie Griffee b 1889 KY

viii. Dema Lou Griffee b abt 1889 KY d 16 Nov 1964 Madison KY; m. James Lewis Farmer b 1880 Bath Co KY d 1964. Children of James Lewis Farmer and Dema Lou Griffee; I. Hazel Farmer b 20 Mar 1907 Jackson KY d 18 Jul 1974; m. Pleasant Rader b 5 Jul 1904 d 31 Mar 1980. II. Dorothy Jean Farmer b 28 Apr 1911 Jackson Co KY III. Luther James Farmer b 17 Jun 1917 d 7 Dec 1941 Pearl Harbor, Oahu IV. Wendell Troy Farmer b 23 Feb 1923 Jackson KY d 9 Dec 2003 Jackson KY V. Irene Farmer b 1915 Jackson KY VI. Clayton Farmer b 1920 Jackson KY VII. Fred Farmer b 1921 Jackson KY VIII. Sarabelle Jane Farmer b 19 Jun 1925 Jackson KY d 23 Oct 1926 IX. Esther Rowland Farmer b 1928 Jackson KY

ix. Chester A Griffee b 24 Mar 1895 KY d 10 Apr 1979

2. Reed Stamper b abt 1852 NC d 1924 Knott Co KY

3. George Stamper b abt 1854 NC

4. Marion Stamper b abt 1856 NC

5. Naomi Stamper b abt 1858 NC; m. Solomon Slone b abt 1857

6. Elizabeth Stamper b abt 1860 NC d 1937 Knott Co KY; m. 27 Feb 1879 Letcher Co KY to Robin Pigman b 1852 KY. Children of Robin Pigman and Elizabeth Stamper;

i. Rhoda Pigman b 1880 KY d 1945 Mallie, Knott Co KY; m. 25 May 1904 Bath Co KY to Ambrose Jay Taylor b 1886 Bath Co KY. Children of Ambrose Jay Taylor and Rhoda pigman; I. Everett Taylor b 1907 Ky II. Lawrence Taylor b 1909 KY III. Clova Taylor b 5 Feb 1910 Bath Co KY IV. Eva Taylor b 1913 Bath Co KY V. Lona Taylor b 1915 Bath Co KY VI. Amos Taylor b 1916 Bath Co KY VII. Willis Taylor b 20 May 1917 KY

ii. Joseph Pigman b 1884 Bath Co KY

iii. Carman Pigman b 1886 Bath Co KY d 1949 Sassafras, Knott Co KY; m. Elizabeth Howard

iv. Melvin C Pigman b 1888 Bath Co KY d 1942 Knott Co KY; m. Elizabeth Watts

v. Marion Pigman b 1890 KY d 1912 KY

vi. Lee Esther Pigman b 1896 KY

7. Mary Stamper b 9 Nov 1863 Wise Co VA d 20 Sept 1941 Pinetop, Knott Co KY; buried Pinetop, Knott Co KY; m. Grant Honeycutt b 18 Feb 1865 Carr Fork, Knott Co KY d 2 May 1936 Pinetop, Knott Co KY; s/o Alfred Honeycutt and Elizabeth Reynolds. Children of Grant Honeycutt and Mary Stamper;

i. Doshia Honeycutt b 19 Jun 1886 Knott Co KY d 4 Mar 1970 Knott Co KY; m. 2 Apr 1904 Knott Co KY to Alexander Hale b 1876 Carter Co KY d 26 Dec 1941 Knott Co KY; s/o Thomas Hale and Matilda Smith. Children of Alexander Hale and Doshia Honecutt;

I. Havana Hale b 24 Dec 1905 Knott Co KY d Feb 1993 Perry Co KY; m. Byrd F Adams b 18 Sept 1900 KY d 1 Jan 1947 Letcher Co KY. Children of Byrd F Adams and Havana Hale; I.i. Byrd Adams Jr b 1926 Knott Co KY I.ii. Docia Adams b 1928 Knott Co KY I.iii. Andrew Adams b 1929 Knott Co KY

II. Berta Hale b 1908 Knott Co KY

III. Matilda Hale b 1910 Knott Co KY; m. Male Collins. Children of Male Collins and Matilda Hale; III.i. Gertrude Collins b 1927 Knott Co KY III.ii. Eugene Collins b 1929 Knott Co KY

IV. Golden Hale b 1912 Knott Co KY

V. Bristol Hale b 1914 Knott Co KY

VI. Lovenia Hale b 1916 Knott Co KY

VII. Sarah Belle Hale b 1920 Knott Co KY

VIII. Polly Ann Hale b 1927 Knott Co KY

ii. Wynona Honeycutt b 1888 Knott Co KY; m. 10 Mar 1904 Knott Co kY to Thomas Mullins b 22 Feb 1886 Boyd Co KY d 17 Feb 1954 Fayette Co KY. Children of Thomas Mullins and Wynona Honeycutt;

I. Luzona Mullins b 23 Jan 1905 Knott Co KY d 15 Nov 1953 Fayette Co KY; m. Creed F Amburgey b 7 Sept 1900 Letcher Co KY d 1 Dec 1977. Children of Creed F Amburgey and Luzona Mullins; I.i. Stella Amburgey b 17 Mar 1923 Knott Co KY d 16 Jul 1949 I.ii. Virgil Amburgey b 9 Apr 1926 Knott Co KY d 24 Dec 1979 I.iii. Bessie Colleen Amburgey b 16 Jun 1928 Knott Co KY d 2 Oct 2000 Knott Co KY

II. James Carmen Mullins b 1908 Knott Co KY

III. Dorothy Mullins b 1910 Knott Co KY

IV. Pharoah Mullins b 1912 Knott Co KY

V. Willis Mullins b 1914 Knott Co KY

VI. Oma May Mullins b 1917 Knott Co KY

VII. Larcena Mullins b 1920 Knott Co KY

VIII. Amanda M Mullins b 1922 Knott Co KY

IX. Lydia Irene Mullins b 1926 Knott Co KY

X. Geraldine Mullins b 1929 Knott Co KY

iii. Dakota Honeycutt b 13 Aug 1890 Knott Co KY d 16 Dec 1969 Letcher Co KY; m. 9 May 1907 Knott Co KY to David Sturgill b 16 Apr 1887 Johnson Co KY d 11 Feb 1969 Letcher Co KY; s/o Nathaniel G Sturgill and Rosanna Slone. Children of David Sturgill and Dakota Honeycutt;

I. Grant Sturgill b 8 Feb 1908 Knott Co KY d 12 Sept 1985 Fairborn, Green Co OH; buried Green Acres Cemetery, Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY; m. Hettie Banks b 27 Nov 1898 Letcher Co KY ds 8 Oct 1994 Xenia, Green Co OH; buried Green Acres Cemetery, Whitesburg, Letcher Co KY; d/o Solomon Banks and Celia Ann Adams. Hettie Banks m. 16 Oct 1913 Letcher Co KY to Clinton Sexton b 10 Jan 1892 d 4 Sept 1929 Colson, Letcher Co KY; s/o Leander A Sexton and Laura Alice Pratt. Hoffa Sturgill b 26 Oct 1914

iv. Kit Carson Honeycutt b 7 Oct 1894 Knott Co KY

v. Arizona Honeycutt b 19 Mar 1898 Knott Co KY

vi. Roosevelt Honey cutt b 15 Feb 1902 Knott Co KY

8. Joseph Stamper b 1866 Wise Co VA; m. Parthena Smith b abt 1866. Children of Joseph Stamper and Parthena Smith;

i. John Stamper b 1886

ii. Alex Stamper b 1888

iii. Matthew Stamper b 1890

iv. Ortah Mae Stamper b 25 Dec 1892 KY d Mar 1940 Kanawha Co WV; m. Herschel Simmons b abt 1892

1860 Wise Co VA Census
345 Stamper, Joseph 30 M Farmer Nc
345 Stamper, Malinda 25 F Housekeeper NC
345 Stamper, Nancy 11 F NC
345 Stamper, Reed 8 M NC
345 Stamper, George 6 M NC
345 Stamper, Marion 4 M NC
345 Stamper, Naomi 2 F NC
345 Stamper, Elizabeth 2/12 F NC
345 Stamper, Madison 21 M Farm Hand NC

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