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Descendants of Nathaniel Stephens

Second Generation

2. Owen Stephens (Nathaniel ) was born in 1822 in Franklin Co, VA. He died on 2 Mar 1905 in Tazewell, Co, VA Obituary Index Tazewell, VA 1897 - 1912 Tazewell Co, VA Library - not confirmed.

Owen married Esther Virginia (Hessie) Proffit daughter of David Proffit and Sarah (Sally) Cockram on 19 Aug 1835 in Franklin County, VA. Esther was born in 1816 in Franklin County, VA.

They had the following children:

+ 10 F i Melinda Stevens was born in 1838.
  11 F ii Judith Stevens was born in 1839 in Franklin County, VA.
+ 12 F iii Louisa Stevens was born in Jul 1842.
+ 13 M iv Fleming Stevens was born in 1845.
  14 F v Susanah Stevens was born in 1846 in Franklin County, VA. She died in 1847.
+ 15 M vi Pleasant Stevens was born in Jun 1848. He died about 1925.
  16 F vii Statira Stevens was born in 1851 in Russell Co, VA.
        Statira married Berry Streete on 24 Dec 1868 in Russell Co, VA.
  17 F viii Stabina Stevens was born in 1854 in Franklin County, VA.
        Stabina married Benny Stuart on 24 Dec 1868 in Russell Co, VA. Benny was born in 1842 in VA.
  18 F ix Causby J. Stevens was born in 1855.
        Causby married George W. Musick on 17 Jun 1868 in Russell Co, VA.
  19 F x Easter Stevens was born on 20 Mar 1855.
  20 F xi Mary Stevens was born in 1856 in Russell Co, VA.
  21 F xii Polly Stevens was born in 1857 in Russell Co, VA.
        Polly married Benjamin Franklin Holland on 31 Mar 1875 in Russell Co, VA.
  22 F xiii Elizabeth Stevens was born in 1858 in Franklin County, VA. She died on 1 Feb 1860 in Franklin County, VA.
  23 M xiv George Washington Stevens was born on 21 Mar 1860 in Russell County, VA.
+ 24 M xv Oliver Stevens was born on 14 Oct 1861.

3. Permelia Stephens (Nathaniel ) was born in 1785 in VA. She died on 20 Sep 1866 in Tallapposa Co.

Permelia married Joseph Catchings in Nov 1802 in Green Co..

They had the following children:

  25 F i Elizabeth Catchings was born in 1809. She died in 1876.
        Elizabeth married David Blacksmith Cagle.

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