Stephen Sumner
and America Mary Craft

Stephen Sumner b abt 1836 IN; s/o James Sumner and Nancy Adams. Stephen Sumner m. America Mary Craft b 1840 Letcher Co KY; d/o William Craft and Rachel Parker. Children of Stephen Sumner and America Mary Craft;

1. Nancy Sumner b 1859; m. Shade Combs b abt 1855 Perry Co KY. Children of Shade Combs and Nancy Sumner;

i. James Combs b 1879 Perry Co KY; m. Luanna Combs b abt 1875 KY; d/o Claborne Clabe Combs and Nancy Ann Sizemore. Children of James Combs and Luanna Combs;

I. Laura Combs b 1904 Perry Co KY

II. Troy Combs b 1907 Perry Co KY

III. Allie Combs b abt 1909 Perry Co KY

IV. Alice Combs b abt 1911 Perry Co KY

V. Ray Combs b abt 1913 Perry Co KY

ii. Liza Ann Combs b 1880 Perry Co KY

iii. Rachel Combs b 1882 Perry Co KY

iv. Ed C Combs b 1888 Perry Co KY

v. Robert Combs b 15 Apr 1891 Perry Co KY

vi. Sherman Combs b 1892 Perry Co KY; m. Bessie Mae Brown b abt 1900 KY; d/o George W Brown and Arminda Combs. Children of Sherman Combs and Bessie Mae Brown;

I. Arminda Combs b 27 Sept 1915 Perry Co KY

II. Sarah Elizabeth Sally Combs b 30 Jul 1916 Perry Co KY d 13 Sept 1999; buried Sherman Combs Graveyard, Perry Co KY; m. 2 Nov 1932 Jasper Jake Sumner b 21 Dec 1907 KY d 7 Jul 2000; s/o John J Shank John Sumner and Betty Jane Happy Combs. Children of Jasper Jake Sumner and Sarah Elizabeth Sally Combs;

II.1. Tessie Sumner (f) b 29 May 1942 Hazard, Perry Co KY d 1942 Hazard, Perry Co KY

II.2. Jessie Sumner (f) b 29 May 1942 Hazard, Perry Co KY d 1942 Hazard, Perry Co KY.

III. Delora Combs b 16 Apr 1919 Perry Co KY; m. Thurman Sumner b 13 Jun 1913 Perry Co KY d 14 Aug 1954 Perry Co KY; s/o James allen Sumner and Creoli Martin.

vii. Green Combs b 1892 KY

viii. Alley Combs b 1894 KY

ix. Sally Combs b 1896 KY

x. Eartha Combs b 1901 Perry Co KY

2. James Sumner b 1860; m. 28 May 1880 Perry Co KY to Polly Ann Kincer b 1866; d/o Franklin Crase and Fannie Unknown. Children of James Sumner and Polly Ann Crase Kincer;

i. Monroe J. Sumner b Feb 1881

ii. Stephen S. Sumner b Feb 1885 d 24 Jul 1966 Perry Co KY; m. Angeline Madden b abt 1890. Children of Stephen S Sumner and Angeline Madden;

I. Isabella Sumner b 1910 KY

II. Alice Sumner b 16 Oct 1911 Perry Co KY

III. Garlan Garlass Sumner b 23 Dec 1916 Perry Co KY

IV. Dyance Sumner b 1919 V. Willard Sumner b abt 1921

iii. Susan Sumner b Feb 1888

iv. Ella J. Sumner b Mar 1890; m. 1910 to Robert Combs b abt 1865; s/o Massingale Birx Combs and Anna Williams. Children of Robert Combs and Ella J Sumner;

I. Edward Jarrett Combs b 14 Nov 1911 Perry Co KY

II. Mandie Combs b abt 1914 Perry Co KY

III. Farmer Combs b 13 Oct 1915 Perry Co KY

IV. Robert W Combs b abt 1918 Perry Co KY

Robert Combs m. Icy Seiber.

Robert Combs m. abt 1885 to Jane Brewer. Children of Robert Combs and Jane Brewer;

I. Carley Combs b abt 1905 Perry Co KY

II. Lester Combs b abt 1907 Perry Co KY

v. John S. Sumner b May 1892; m. Mina Gibson b abt 1893. Children of John S Sumner and Mina Gibson;

I. Lester Sumner b abt 1912

II. Angeline Sumner b 1 Dec 1916 Knott Co KY

III. William Sumner b 20 Jul 1918 Knott Co KY

vi. Alonzo C. Sumner b Feb 1896 d 16 Jun 1982 Knott Co KY; m. Martha Unknown b abt 1901.

vii. William H. Sumner b Apr 1898 d 22 May 1954 Perry Co KY; m. Delphia A Ritchie b 1901 d 21 May 1977 Knott Co KY. Children of William H Sumner and Delphia A Ritchie;

I. Mary L Sumner b 30 Aug 1924 Knott Co KY

II. A W Sumner b 28 May 1926 Knott Co KY

III. Marie Sumner b 21 Aug 1929 Knott Co KY

viii. Rachel Sumner b 1902

ix. Dora Sumner b 1905

x. James "Jimmie" Sumner b 1908

3. John Dry John Sumner b 1865 d abt 1956; m. Susan Susie Caudill b 1872

4. Rachel Sumner b 1868 d 1924; m. 26 Dec 1889 Perry Co KY to Edward Combs b abt 1867; s/o Massingale Birx Combs and Anna Williams.

5. Patsy Sumner b 1870 d 1934; m. 20 Sept 1892 to Elijah Combs b 1868; s/o Gilbert Combs and Louisa Jent. Child of Elijah Combs and Patsy Sumner;

i. Sherman Combs b 1898

6. Katherine Katy Sumner b 1875 d 1941; m. abt 1895 to Irvin Combs b abt 1871; s/o Hanbill Hanibal Combs and Susan Williams. Children of Irvin Combs and Katherine Katy Sumner;

i. William Combs b 1898 KY

ii. Myrtle Combs b 1902 KY

iii. Dilce Combs b 1905 KY

iv. Jasper Combs b 1907 KY

v. Andrew Combs b 1910 KY

vi. Winslow Combs b 14 Nov 1911 Perry Co KY

vii. Monroe Combs b 9 May 1914 Perry Co KY

viii. Carlie Combs b 16 Jul 1920 Perry Co KY

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