Jesse Thacker
and Nancy Cook

Jesse Thacker b abt 1804 VA; s/o Reuben Thacker and Nancy Annie Unknown. Jesse Thacker m. Nancy Cook b abt 1810 VA; d/o James Cook and Elizabeth Riddle Johnson. Nancy Cook m. (1) to Male Dials. Children of Jesse Thacker and Nancy Cook;

1. Sarah Thacker (Dials) b abt 1824 KY

2. Elizabeth Betsy Thacker (Dials) b abt 1826 KY

3. Levisa Thacker (Ferrell) b abt 1836 VA (d/o William Ferrell and Nancy Cook).

4. Robert Thacker b abt 1841 VA (s/o Elizabeth Betsy Thacker or Dials and Unknown)

5. Baby Thacker b abt 1849 KY (s/o Sarah Thacker Dials and Unknown

Source of the following:

Jesse P. Thacker was born abt. 1804, the son of Reuben Thacker, who was born about 1775. Reuben was a veteran of Wayne's Indian War. According to Reuben's pension file, he lived in Albemarle Co., VA at the time of his enlistment abt 1794. He was born in Fluvanna Co., Va and died in Letcher Co., KY in 1860, which is where his son Jesse also lived.

Prior to arriving in Southeastern KY about 1836, Reuben lived in Southwestern Virginia. In 1810 he appears on the Giles Co., VA census, which shows he was between 26-45 years old, thus born between 1765-1784. In the years, 1824 & 1827, he appears on the Logan Co., VA tax lists with his son Jesse. In 1830 he appears on the Russell Co., VA census, which shows he was between the ages of 50-60, thus born between 1770-1780. In 1835 he appeared on the Russell Co., VA pension list as a previous member of the 3rd US sub legion. In 1836, his pension filed states he moved to Floyd Co., KY. In 1840 and 1850 he appears on the Floyd Co., KY census.

His pension file also states at some point prior to moving to KY he lived in Washington Co., VA. I believe this would have been between shortly after his service in the war and before he was identified on the 1810 Giles Co., VA census. He could have also been in Washington Co. after appearing on the Giles Co., VA census and before appearing on the Logan Co., VA tax list in 1824.

Reuben's son Jesse may have been married and had children before he married Nancy Cook. Apparently, Nancy was previously married to an unidentified man with the surname Dyals. This is confirmed by a deed of gift which was filed in Russell Co., VA in 1842. This instrument identified Elizabeth Dyals as the step-daughter of Jesse P. Thacker. According to this instrument, Jesse P. Thacker transferred ownership of certain personal property items to his step-daughter Elizabeth Dyals. Even though Betsy was identified on the instrument with the Dyals surname in 1842, she later assumed her step-father's Thacker surname because she was identified on the 1850 Letcher Co., KY census as Betsy Thacker living in the household of her step-father Jesse P. Thacker and her mother Nancy, whose maiden name was Cook. Since both Betsy and her son Robert are identified with the Thacker surname on the 1850 census, this suggests she was not married when she gave birth to her son Robert in 1841 and gave him the surname of her step-father. Robert's biological father remains unidentified. Since Jesse helped to raise Nancy's children including Elizabeth "Betsy" Diles (alias Thacker), Sarah Mahala Diles (alias Thacker), Levisa "Vicy" Ferrell (alias Diles/Thacker) and possibly their brother Andy Diles (alias Thacker), they all assumed Jesse's surname; however, later census records show that Sarah and Elizabeth later changed their surnames back to Diles. Vicy kept the surname Thacker. She was the daughter of William C. Ferrell, Jr. who became involved with Nancy Cook while Jesse P. Thacker was in prison.

1850 Letcher Co., KY census:

Jesse Thacker 46
Nancy 40 [maiden name Cook, previously married to an Unidentified (Dial(s)/Diles/Dyals)]
Sarah 26 [Sarah Mahala, d/o Unidentified Dial(s)/Diles/Dyals and Nancy (Cook)]
Betsy 24 [d/o Unidentified Dial(s)/Diles/Dyals and Nancy (Cook)]
Levisa 14 [d/o William C. Ferrell, Jr. & Nancy (Cook)]
Robert 9 [son of Elizabeth (Dials/Diles) & Unknown father]
Malisa 3 [d/o Sarah (Dials/Diles) & unknown father]
Baby 5/12 [James, s/o Sarah (Dials/Diles) & unknown father]

1860 Letcher Co., KY

Jesse P. Thacker 57
Nancy 57 (maiden name Cook)
Mahaly 32 [Sarah Mahala, d/o Nancy (Cook) and Unidentified Diles/Dial(s)/Dyals]
Elizabeth 26 [d/o Nancy (Cook) and Unidentified Diles/Dial(s)/Dyals]
Levisa 23 [d/o Nancy (Cook) and William C. Ferrell, Jr.]
Robert 19 [s/o Elizabeth (Dials/Diles) & Unknown father]
Elizabeth 18 (maiden name Sparkman, wife of Robert)
Malissa 13 [d/o Elizabeth (Dials/Diles) & unknown father]
James 10 [s/o Sarah (Dials/Diles) & unknown father]
Mary 5 [d/o Levisa "Vicy" Ferrell alias Thacker and Jasper Byrd Stewart]
Andrew 3 [s/o Sarah (Dials/Diles) & unknown father]
Nancy 6/12 (d/o Levisa "Vicy" Ferrell alias Thacker and Jasper Byrd Stewart)

1870 Letcher Co., KY

Visey Thacker 32 (consort or common-law wife of Dr. Jasper Byrd Stewart)
Nancy Thacker 72 (maiden name Cook)
Sarah Thacker 50 [daughter of Unidentified Diles/Dial(s)/Dyals & Nancy (Cook)]
James Thacker 18 (son of Sarah)
Andrew 13 (son of Sarah)
Nancy 13 (daughter of Vicy)
Henry 10 (son of Vicy)
Robert 9 (son of Vicy)
Elizabeth 6 (daughter of Vicy)
Lena 1 (daughter of Vicy)
Malishey 22 (daughter of Sarah)
Elizabeth Diles 29 (maiden name Sparkman, widow of Robert)
Visy 9 [daughter of Robert Dials/Diles and Elizabeth (Sparkman)]
Robert 5 [son of Robert Dials/Diles and Elizabeth (Sparkman)]
Luvenia 2 [daughter of Robert Dials/Diles and Elizabeth (Sparkman)]
Eizabeth Diles 42 [daughter of Unidentified Dial(s)/Diles/Dyals and Nancy (Cook)]

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