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Descendants of William Williams Sr.

Second Generation

2. James T. Williams (William ) was born about 1815 in Ky..

James married Paulina Hensley daughter of Nancy McGinness on 29 Sep 1836 in Pike Co.Ky.,d/o Nancy McGinness. Paulina was born about 1818 in Va..

They had the following children:

    M i Gordon H Williams was born abt 1837 KY
    M ii William H Williams was born abt 1840 KY
+ 6 M iii Achilles McGinnis W. Williams was born on 12 Dec 1842. He died on 1 Jan 1929.
    F iv Victoria M Williams was born abt 1845 KY
    F v Nancy A Williams was born abt 1846 KY
    M vi James M Williams was born abt 1849 KY
  7 F vii Louisa T. Williams was born in 1854 in Pike Co.Ky.. She died on 13 Mar 1855 in Pike Co.Ky.,age 6 months 8 days,croup,death record.. She was buried on 17 Mar 1855 in Pike Co.Ky..

3. Achilles Williams (William ) was born about 1824 in Pike Co.Ky. (parents born Nc.) per census. He died after 1880 in Last census found,age 56,widow,Pike Co.Ky..

Achilles married Nancy McCoy daughter of Thomas McCoy and Nancy Unknown on 15 May 1845 in Pike Co.Ky.,d/o Thomas McCoy,s/o William & Mary Williams.. Nancy was born about 1829 in Virginia. She died in 1860/1870 in Pike Co.ky..

They had the following children:

+ 8 M i William J. "Jasper" Williams was born about 1848.
  9 F ii Salena Caroline Williams was born about 1850 in Pike Co.Ky..
        Salena married Lewis Clark Farley about 1898/1899 in His 2nd marriage,she had 3 children out of wedlock (see 1900 cen). Lewis was born in Oct 1851 in Ky..
+ 10 F iii Elisa Ann Williams was born in Sep 1852.
+ 11 F iv Malinda Jane Williams was born on 14 Aug 1854. She died in 1908.
+ 12 M v Montraville "Mont" Williams was born in Apr 1856. He died after 5 Jan 1920.
+ 13 F vi Isadora "Dora" Williams was born on 15 Jan 1859.
+ 14 F vii Victoria Williams was born about 1861.
+ 15 M viii James McKinley "J.K" "Ken" "Jasper" Williams was born on 6 Mar 1863. He died in Nov 1938.

4. William Williams Jr. (William ) was born about 1828 in Kentucky.

William married Sylvia "Selby" R. Sword on 30 Mar 1848 in Pike County,Kentucky. Sylvia was born about 1824 in Pike Co,Ky.,d/o Francis Eli & Susan Clark Sword..

They had the following children:

  16 F i Malinda J. Williams was born about 1849 in Pike County,Kentucky.
  17 M ii Anthoney A. Williams was born about Apr 1853 in Pike County,Kentucky. He died on 8 Mar 1855 in Pike Co,Ky.,age 1 yr.11 months,croup,death record.. He was buried on 11 Mar 1855 in Pike Co,Ky..

5. Martha Jane Williams (William ) was born in Dec 1831 in Pike Co.Ky.,d/o William "Bill" Williams & Mary "Polly".. She died in 1910/1920 in Pike Co.Ky..

Martha married Lewis Deskins son of John Deskins and Rebecca Holt on 15 Feb 1849 in Pike Co>ky.,d/o Bill Williams,s/o John Deskins.. Lewis was born in Jan 1831 in Pike Co.Ky.. He died in 1910/1920 in Pike Co.Ky..

They had the following children:

  18 M i John W. Deskins was born in 1850 in Pike Co.Ky..
        John married Mary L. Yost on 4 Apr 1873 in Pike Co.Ky.,him 23,her 18,at his father's,Lewis Deskins.. Mary was born about 1855/1856 in Va.(parents Yost).. She died on 28 May 1874 in Pike Co.Ky.,white,18,married,consumption,death record..
  19 F ii Emiline Elizabeth "Emma" "Emily" Deskins was born about 1853/1854 in Virginia (parents born in Ky.)per census.. She died in 1876 in Pike Co.Ky.,age 24,born Pike Co.Ky..
        Emiline married Josiah Sparks son of Etheldred Sparks and Ellen Unknown on 1 Jan 1875 in Pike Co.Ky.,at Louis Deskins.. Josiah was born in Apr 1846 in Pike Co.Ky.. He died in 1900/1910.
+ 20 M iii Benjamin Lewis "Ben" Deskins was born in Jan 1867.

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