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Clarence Wright
and Alta Mullins

Clarence Wright b 25 Sept 1903 d 10 Oct 1979; s/o John Wesley Wright and Alice Lee Harmon. Clarence Wright m. 15 Oct 1923 Wise Co VA to Alta S Mullins b 7 Apr 1905 d 25 Feb 1991; buried Bolling Cemetery, Pound, Wise Co VA; d/o Henry Irvin Mullins and Martha Williams. Children of Clarence Wright and Alta Mullins;

1. Clarence Willard Wright Jr b 27 Apr 1924 Pound, Wise Co VA d Apr 2011; m. abt 1947 to Doris Greene. Children of Clarence Willard Wright Jr and Doris Greene; i. Mitzi Wright; m. Robert McNab Jr. Children of Robert McNab Jr and Mitzi Wright; I. Spencer McNab II. Wes McNab

2. Clyde Wright

3. Emory Wright

4. Larry Wright

5. John Wright

6. Margaret Wright; m. Male Weaver. Did Margaret Wright marry Steve Conley's Father?

Steve Conley is the one who keeps trying to censor my website. He calls himself a Doctor. He has a doctorate in public administration, so he is not a medical doctor. He and his cohorts have written scurrilous and false things about the Reynolds family and I have never asked them to censor their so called information. I have researched all of my information thoroughly and have proof it is all factual. Conley is constantly leaving me messages to take down information I have about Devil John and I will not. Steve Conley, Ben Luntz and others have written and published terrible, false accusations in books, websites and videos which slander the Reynolds family. It is all untrue. They are liars and have manufactured a pack of lies against this family. What I have on my website is factual.

Devil John Wright was in the KKK. He was taken to court for it. Most but not all of those records were destroyed by those who want to now profit from this fictional hero they are trying to create. Devil John was a strike breaker who worked for the Pinkertons who were notorious for working for the big coal companies. John Wright was not the model for John Fox novels, that is a story made up by the local media after John Fox passed away. John Fox in his own words told that he had no one particular person in mind for his characters. John Fox's heros were his influential friends, not John Wright, who he considered to be a thug and an outlaw. John Fox and all his brothers worked in the coal and timber business and were all heavily vested in these businesses. Fox romanticized the area to get people to come there to invest. He bragged about his own exploits on every occasion he could. Fox and his brothers were all members of "The Guard" which was a self appointed police force which enforced the law against anyone who balked on their land deals or anything else they wanted. These people were no heroes.

They did, however, wield a lot of power through their political connections and were able to do just about anything they wanted to in that area. John Fox along with The Guard lynched blacks in the area and bragged to the media about it. John Wright worked for some of these powerful people after the hanging of Talt Hall and Red Fox. In this way, he could get away with ripping people off of their land and mineral rights. He was no hero. Steve Conley, you can continue to try to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, but I don't think you will accomplish that goal.

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