Henley Fugate and
Tabitha Bithie Ritchie

Henley Fugate b about 1798 Russell Co VA d about 1881 Russell Co VA; s/o Benjamin Fugate and Hannah Devers. Henley Fugate m. 16 Dec 1815 Clay Co KY to Tabitha Bithie Ritchie (aka McIntosh) b about 1800 VA d about 1834 Perry Co KY; d/o Peter McIntosh and Margaret Turner. Children of Henley Fugate and Tabitha "Bithie" Ritchie;

1. Delilah Fugate b about 1816 Troublesome Creek, KY d at the birth of her first child; m. 26 Sept 1833 Perry Co KY to James "Jim" Noble b 7 Jun 1804 Lost Creek, Breathitt Co KY d 21 Sept 1885 Watts, Breathitt Co KY; buried Noble Cemetery, Lost Creek, Breathitt Co KY; s/o Nathan Noble and Jane Virginia Neace. James "Jim" Noble m. (divorced) (1) to Celia McIntosh. James "Jim" Noble m. about 1849 to Mary Polly Turner b 17 Nov 1828 d 1906; buried Noble Cemetery #1, Watts, KY; d/o Edward P Turner and Susannah Stamper.

2. Samuel Fugate b about 1818 Troublesome Creek, KY; m. 16 Dec 1838 Perry Co KY to Frances "Franky" Harvey.

3. John Duckham Fugate b about 1821 Perry Co KY; m. about 1840 Margaret Peggy McIntosh b about 1828 d after 1900 Breathitt Co KY; d/o James McIntosh and Katherine Fugate.

4. William B Fugate b about 1825 Breathitt Co KY d about 1863 killed by unknown Union sniper; m. 1843 Clay Co KY to Rachel Neace b about 1828; d/o Austin Neace and Malinda Allen.

5. Henley McIntosh Fugate Jr b about 1827 Breathitt Co KY d 1882 Perry Co KY; m. 25 Mar 1852 Breathitt Co KY to (2) Polly Ann Napier or Ritchie b about 1840 KY; d/o James Ritchie and Hannah Fugate. Henley McIntosh Fugate Jr m. about 1849 Breathitt Co KY to (1) Cynthia Neace b 1832 d 1917.

6. Zachariah "Preacher Zack" Fugate b 15 Mar 1829 Breathitt Co KY d 3 Apr 1911; buried Sixteen Mile Creek, (no location given); m. about 1848 Clay Co KY to Mary Polly Napier b Jun 1829 d 1906; buried 4 Apr 1911 Sixteen Mile Creek; d/o Jerome Patrick Napier and Mahala Fugate (or d/o Micajah Napier and Leannah Lewis).

7. Mariah Fugate b about 1830 Perry Co KY; m. 1850 Breathitt Co KY Jacob "Judge Jacob" Neace Jr b about 1822; s/o Jacob Neace Sr and Polly Francis.

8. Catherine "Katy" Fugate b May 1832 Perry Co KY; m. Austin "Long Austin" Neace b Jun 1829; s/o Jacob Neace Sr and Polly Francis.

9. Priscilla Fugate b about 1834 Perry Co KY m. William Miller b about 1835.

Source: James W Robinson - jrobinson1@elmore.rr.com - Website: Jim and Lena's Home Page

Henley Fugate
and Matilda Stamper

Henley Fugate b about 1798 Russell Co VA d about 1881 Russell Co VA; s/o Benjamin Fugate and Hannah Devers. Henley "Old Henley" Fugate m. 15 Feb 1835 Perry Co KY to Matilda Stamper b about 1817 NC; d/o Jonathon Stamper and Mary Polly Sebastian. Children of Old Henley Fugate and Matilda Stamper;

1. Mary Polly Fugate b about 1835; m. about 1869 Clay Co KY Lewis Campbell b about 1801 d about 1880; s/o John Campbell and Nancy Unknown. Lewis Campbell m. 22 Dec 1820 to Matilda Fugate b about 1803 Perry (now Knott) Co KY; d/o Zachariah Fugate and Phoebe Unknown. Child of Mary "Polly" Fugate and Lewis Campbell; i. William Campbell b Apr 1870 KY m. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Smith b Dec 1877 KY. Children of William Campbell and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Smith; I. Evie Campbell b Apr 1893 Lost Creek, Breathitt Co KY II. Sylvania Campbell b Dec 1895 Lost Creek, Breathitt Co KY III. Molly Campbell b Dec 1897 Lost Creek, Breathitt Co KY.

2. Pricey Fugate b about Nov 1835.

3. Fanny Fugate b about 1836; m. 15 Apr 1852 Breathitt Co KY to John Napier b about 1825; s/o Jerome Patrick Napier and Mahala Fugate.

4. Lewis Napper Fugate b Apr 1838 Breathitt Co KY; m. 20 Mar 1858 Breathitt Co KY to Elizabeth Napier b Sept 1841 Harlan Co KY; d/o Jerome Patrick Napier and Mahala Jackson.

5. Alfred Fugate b about 1840 Breathitt Co KY; m. Rebecca Miller b about 1836. Children of Alfred Fugate and Rebecca Miller; i. James b 1856 Breathitt Co KY ii. Elizabeth b 1858 Breathitt Co KY iii. Joseph b about 1864 iv. Sarah b about 1866 v. Zacharia b about 1868 vi. Armina b about 1870 vii. Edward b about 1873 viii. Emily J Fugate b about 1878 Breathitt Co KY.

6. Daniel Fugate b 14 Feb 1841 d between 1861 and 1865 in the Civil War.

7. Jeremiah Fugate b 14 Feb 1841 Lost Creek, Breathitt Co KY d 9 Feb 1905 Russell Co VA, occupation farmer; m. 24 Jan 1833 Russell Co VA to Elizabeth Malinda Carty (McCarty) b 16 Oct 1841 Russell Co VA d 3 Jan 1925 Russell Co VA. Children of Jeremiah Fugate and Elizabeth Malinda Carty; i. Nathan Elbert Fugate b 14 Feb 1868 Castlewood, Russell Co VA d 12 Apr 1925 Castlewood, Russell Co VA; m. 4 Nov 1887 to Mary Virginia Jordan b 16 Feb 1867 Wise Co VA d 24 Jan 1944 Castlewood, Russell Co VA. Children of Nathan Elbert Fugate and Mary Virginia Jordan; I. Montague Browning Fugate b 5 Feb 1889 Castlewood, Russell Co VA II. Jerusha Elizabeth Fugate b 16 Aug 1892 Castlewood, Russell Co VA III. Fannie Prator Fugate b 28 Sept 1896 Castlewood, Russell Co VA IV. Esther Gibson Fugate b 26 Oct 1897 Castlewood, Russell Co VA V. Benjamin Franklin Fugate b 10 Mar 1904 Castlewood, Russell Co VA ii. Isaac Fugate b 1870 Castlewood, Russell Co VA m. 23 Feb 1903 Russell Co VA to Willie Harris b about 1884. Child of Isaac Fugate and Willie Harris; ii.1. Claude Fugate

8. Benjamin Franklin Fugate b Feb 1848 Breathitt Co KY d Aug 1926 Lost Creek Breathitt Co KY; m. about 1867 Clay Co KY to Matilda Napier b about 1848 d 1885 Breathitt Co KY. Children of Benjamin Franklin Fugate and Matilda Napier; I. Rosanna Fugate b about 1868 Breathitt Co KY II. Lewis Fugate b 23 AUG 1872 Lost Creek, Breathitt Co KY III. Shadrack Fugate b 2 MAY 1874 Breathitt Co KY IV. Russell Fugate b 26 NOV 1876 Breathitt Co KY V. Irvine Fugate b about 1878 Breathitt Co KY VI. William R. Fugate b 8 MAR 1881 Breathitt Co KY VII. Pearl Fugate b 18 JAN 1883 Breathitt Co KY VIII. Benjamin Mathew Fugate b Breathitt Co KY

9. Susan Fugate b about 1849; m. 14 Jun 1876 Breathitt Co KY to Zachariah Campbell b about 1825 d Apr 1891; s/o Lewis Campbell and Matilda Fugate. Zachariah Campbell m. about 1848 Clay Co KY to Paulina Combs b about 1828. Children of Susan Fugate and Zachariah Campbell; i. Epperson Campbell b 1878 ii. Dicey M Campbell b 1884 Breathitt Co KY

Paulina Combs m. 1 Mar 1877 Breathitt Co KY to Edward McIntosh b about 1817; s/o James McIntosh and Catherine Fugate. Edward McIntosh m. Jane Haddix b Oct 1875 Breathitt Co KY. Edward McIntosh m. 1850 Breathitt Co KY to Susan Thomas b about 1828.

10. Sally Fugate b about 1852; children; I. Peggy Neace II. Kate Noble

11. Martin Fugate b 4 Jun 1857; m. Jane Noble.

12. Shadrack H Fugate b about 1860; m. Nancy Noble.

13. Margaret Fugate b Oct 1861; m. 15 Aug 1876 Breathitt Co KY to George Washington Sizemore. Children of George Washington Sizemore and Margaret Fugate; i. Betsy Jane b Jun 1882 KY ii. Solomon b Apr 1884 KY iii. Greenberry b Aug 1886 KY iv. Logan b Aug 1890 KY v. James Sizemore b Jan 1893 KY.

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